The members and Board of Directors of the Northwest Bison Association welcome your interest in Bison and invite you to join our organization. Our membership ranges from those who produce a few animals a year for their own use to those who have large commercial operations.

If you are a dedicated producer, someone interested in marketing a healthy meat alternative, or are someone that shares our goal of preserving the future of this majestic animal, please join us!
Northwest Bison Association

Membership in the Northwest Bison Association:

One of the first things that someone just thinking about getting into bison ranching can do is to join a local Bison Association. The Northwest Bison Association members will go out of their way to help new producers get their bison operations up and running. The ability to talk to and network with other producers is well worth the investment.

Please print off and mail in this application (pdf). (doc)

Membership Benefits

Bison need grass, water, good fences, herd companionship, durable handling facilities and a smart preventative health program. With minimal care, they can thrive in environments ranging from hot, humid coastal pastures to arid rangeland.